Frequently Asked

Pennsylvania Child Abuse Reporting Course

You may have progressed through the course and knowledge test questions but you did not take the proficiency test. Please go back to the course, and click on Proficiency test in the course outline. You will be able to print the certificate after taking the test. We then can report your course completion to the licensing board.

The PA licensing board will receive the course completion data within 48 hours after you take the course and receive your certificate from your certificate page in your account. If there is a delay it could be one of the following reasons.

1. You did not score 75% or better on the test. You can always submit the proficiency test again.
2. You failed to provide your PA license #, date of birth, last 4 of your social security number on your account record. go to “my Account”
click on “edit account details” and provide your date of birth and last 4 of social on the form.
3. There was a mismatch between the PA licensing board and your account on our site of one or more of the following fields, First Name, Last Name, License number, Date of Birth or last 4 of your social. Click on Edit Account Details on your account page to make sure it is correct.