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Client Testimonials

This is the best online chiro credit site by far, thanks for making it informative and time manageable!

 ~ Dr. Noelle Williams

I have found the seminars very useful as it is a way to improve myself without necessarily having to sit in on a seminar. I can read this material through several times in the time it would require for one seminar.

 ~ Dr.  David Gibson

I so much enjoyed your CIME courses and have been quite active in peer reviews since.  In fact peer reviews have been 45% of my income while I have remained honest, ethical and error on the side of the patient as you have taught.

 ~ Dr. Debbie McFarland

Thanks for all your help...got my certificates yesterday and they look great.....The certification is actually a requirement for my position with my Hospital and I could not get it in time thru any other program...

Your program was a lifesaver!!!!!!!

  ~ Dr. Robert McBride

Thank-you for the wonderful service you provide.  I pass the word every year!

  ~ Jeffrey H. Peterson, D.C

Thanks, your online seminars are outstanding!

  ~ Dr. Brian Miles

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Check the "Course Procedure" page from the left menu for general course instructions. Check the "Frequently Asked" Questions page from the left menu before contacting us for answers to the most common problems or questions. For technical support, customer service and other questions Click on "Contact Us" from the left menu. The site is operational 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays so that you can complete your continuing education.

For Support Regarding Obtaining Copies of Online Chiropractic Continuing Education Transcripts:

If you are in need of your transcript click on "Certificates of Completion".

TheWiseDC.com cannot guarantee the acceptance of any chiropractic continuing education credits for any material on this website. It is up to the individual to confirm course acceptance with your state examining board. A list of approved courses by state can be viewed by clicking on the "Approved Courses" button on the left menu.

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