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Continuing Chiropractic Education Courses

Certificate Programs

TheWiseDC.com offers two 100 Hour certificate programs that can help you to significantly increase your current income level.  In these uncertain economic times, our certificate courses will help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and help to recession proof your business and income.

Click on the Following links to learn more about each program.

  1. C.C.I.C. Certificate- 100 Hour Certified Chiropractic Insurance Consultant
  2. C.C.S.M.S. Certificate - 100 hour Certified Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist

Certificate Programs

TheWiseDC offers a Nutrition Certificate program that can help you counsel your patients on nutritional supplementation. It is available in either a 50 hour or 45 hour format depending on your needs.

Click on the Following links to learn more about each program.

  1. 50 Hour Nutrition Certificate
  2. 45 Hour Nutrition Certificate

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    Check the "Course Procedure" page from the left menu for general course instructions. Check the "Frequently Asked" Questions page from the left menu before contacting us for answers to the most common problems or questions. For technical support, customer service and other questions Click on "Contact Us" from the left menu. The site is operational 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays so that you can complete your continuing education.

    For Support Regarding Obtaining Copies of Online Chiropractic Continuing Education Transcripts:

    If you are in need of your transcript click on "Certificates of Completion".

    TheWiseDC.com cannot guarantee the acceptance of any chiropractic continuing education credits for any material on this website. It is up to the individual to confirm course acceptance with your state examining board. A list of approved courses by state can be viewed by clicking on the "Approved Courses" button on the left menu.

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