Nevada Course Bundle – 36 Credit Hours for $347.76 – $9.66 per credit


Nevada Package Deal Course Bundle

Nevada Chiropractic Continuing Education

36 Credit Hours for $347.76 – $9.66  per credit

Bundle Includes:

12 Hour Guide to Communicable Disease

12 Hour Guide to Contemporary Weight Loss and Fitness

12 Hour Opioid Drug Abuse Awareness

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12 Hour Guide to Communicable Disease Course

  • History, Etiology, Transmission of Communicable Disease
  • Differential Diagnosis of Communicable Disease
  • Classification of Micro-organisms; Bacteria, Protozoa and Metazoa
  • Comparison of Bacteria and Viruses. Center for Disease Control
  • Infectious Diseases Statistics
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Prominent Communicable Diseases

12 Hour Guide to Contemporary Weight Loss and Fitness Course

  • The Science of Homeostatic Hunger and Hedonistic Hunger; Appetite Hormone Physiology.
  • Obesity Demographics and Statistics; Body Mass Index; Diet Induced Chronic Inflammation.
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals; The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines.
  • Comprehensive Analysis of: DASH Diet; Mediterranean Diet; Flexitarian Diet.
  • Comprehensive Analysis of: Weight Watchers Diet; Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet; HMR Program.
  • Comprehensive Analysis of: Volumetrics Diet; Mayo Clinic Diet; Ornish Diet; Vegan Diet.
  • Comprehensive Analysis of: The Fertility Diet; Vegetarian Diet; Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
  • Comprehensive Analysis of: Overview of the following: Glycemic-Index Diet; South Beach Diet; Paleo Diet; Biggest Loser Diet.
  • Comprehensive Analysis of: Atkins Diet; Ketogenic Diet.
  • Exercise and Heart Physiology.
  • In Depth Examination of Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise; Joint Flexibility Exercise.
  • In Depth Examination of Muscular Endurance and Strength Training; CrossFit Training Principles.

12 Hour Opioid Drug Abuse Awareness Course

  • Analysis of opiate drugs
  • Neurobiology of opioids
  • Chemistry of opioid addiction
  • Physical signs and symptoms of opioid abuse
  • Opioid neurophysiology
  • Opioid overdosing
  • Prevention of opioid overdose
  • CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain
  • Analysis of opioid prescription guidelines
  • Opioid statistics and demographics
  • Opioid drug overdose emergency treatment
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