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Ontario Chiropractic Continuing Education Credit Hours Requirement – Ontario requires 40 hours per year 2 years even

Ontario Online Credit Hours allowed – Ontario accepts 40 hours of online continuing education per renewal period.  20 structured and 20 unstructured. Our online courses are considered as either category.

Ontario Mandatory Hours Required – The mandatory hours must be completed at real time seminars and therefore cannot be taken online.

  • Five, of the 20 structured hours shall be related to the controlled acts authorized to chiropractors under the Chiropractic Act, 1991 or Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act, 1990
  • Maintaining certification in Emergency First Aid/CPR

Ontario CE requirements are subject to change. Licensee’s are responsible for being up to date with the Ontario CEU requirements.

CE courses and seminars offered on TheWiseDC.com provide the Ontario Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) the opportunity to enhance their knowledge base and to provide them with the ability to clinically apply essential information to their chiropractic practice and treatment.

The Chiropractic CE seminar courses for this catalog are sponsored by the Texas Chiropractic College which is a CCE accredited College.

If you wish to view the Ontario Chiropractic Board website Click Here

The Wise DC Courses offered for Ontario Doctors of Chiropractic – Listed below are individual Ontario Chiropractic CE seminars available for purchase:

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Showing all 10 results