CE Provider PACE Recogniced Nebraska Online Chiropractic Continuing Education

Nebraska Chiropractic Continuing Education Credit Hours Requirement – Nebraska requires 36 hours per 2 years

Nebraska Online Credit Hours allowed – Nebraska accepts 6 hours of online continuing education per renewal period

Nebraska Mandatory Hours Required

  •  4 hours must be related to technical skills in one or a combination of (x-ray physics, QC, x-ray production, interpretation of diagnostic imaging, and enhancement of techniques)
  • 4 hrs related to practice issues in one or a combination of the following categories: (HIV/Aids, infectious diseases; sexual boundaries; chiropractic scope of practice in the State of Nebraska.

    The programs must include adopted practice guidelines and practice law specific to Nebraska only; the ordering of laboratory tests and interpreting information from laboratory tests; enhancement in performing physical, neurological, the prevention of fraud, system set-ups, coding, QC, and standards of practice; the provision of rehabilitative care; the practice ethics as recognized by state or national associations; and the use of unlicensed personnel).

The Wise DC Courses offered for Nebraska Doctors of Chiropractic – Listed below is a 6 credit hour course bundle available for purchase which includes 6 of your 8 required mandatory hours.

Also listed below are individual courses available for purchase:

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Showing all 7 results