Arizona Chiropractic Continuing EducationArizona Online Chiropractic Continuing Education

Arizona Chiropractic Continuing Education Credit Hours Requirement – Arizona Requires 12 hours every year

Arizona Online Credit Hours allowed – Arizona accepts 12 hours of online continuing education per renewal period

  • 2 Hour Record Keeping Course – AZCE14023
  • 10 Hour Chiropractic Guide to Symptoms and Disease – AZCE14022
  • 10 Hour Fundamentals of Clinical Nutrition -AZCE14019
  • 10 Hour Geriatric Health Care – AZCE14020
  • 10 Hour Guide to Communicable Disease – AZCE18140
  • 10 Hour Guide to Contemporary Weight Loss and Fitness – AZCE19101
  • 10 Hour Pain Management – AZCE14021
  • 10 Hour Trigger Point Therapy – AZCE20472
  • 10 Hour Chiropractic Sports Medicine – AZCE16103
  • 12 Hour Chiropractic Sports Medicine – AZCE16104
  • 12 Hour Chiropractic Guide to Symptoms and Disease – AZCE15012
  • 12 Hour Fundamentals of Clinical Nutrition -AZCE15009
  • 12 Hour Geriatric Health Care – AZCE15010
  • 12 Hour Guide to Communicable Disease – AZCE18141
  • 12 Hour Guide to Contemporary Weight Loss and Fitness – AZCE19100
  • 12 Hour Pain Management – AZCE15011
  • 12 Hour Trigger Point Therapy – AZCE20471

Arizona Mandatory Hours Required

All actively licensed chiropractic physicians are  required to complete two hours of record keeping in every even numbered year in order to renew their licenses. This two hour requirement is not in addition to the twelve hours of continuing education required for renewal.

Texas Chiropractic CollegeThe Chiropractic CE seminar courses for this catalog are sponsored by the Texas Chiropractic College which is a CCE accredited College.

Arizona CE requirements are subject to change. Licensee’s are responsible for being up to date with the Arizona CEU requirements.

Arizona chiropractic CE seminars and courses and seminars offered on provide the Arizona Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) the opportunity to enhance their knowledge base and to provide them with the ability to clinically apply essential information to their chiropractic practice and treatment.

The Wise DC  Courses offered for Alaska Doctors of Chiropractic – Listed below are two 12 credit hour Arizona chiropractic CE seminar course bundles available for purchase which include the Mandatory Record keeping.

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Also listed below are individual courses available for purchase:

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Showing all 19 results