Nutrition Certificate – 50 Hour

Do you want to provide dietary or nutritional counseling to your patients?

The Nutrition Certificate Program will teach the Doctor of Chiropractic the essentials of nutritional supplements, food concentrates, food extracts, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, amino acids and botanicals.

The following is the course outline for the Nutrition Certificate

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50 Hour Nutrition Certificate

The purpose of this course is to offer the Doctor of Chiropractic broad based knowledge in the areas of human nutrition, including nutrition fundamentals, diagnosis and treatment of nutritional deficiencies and diseases, nutritional therapy and supplementation and nutritional weight loss.

Upon completion of this comprehensive course of study the graduate will receive the following certificate of completion from Texas Chiropractic College;

    • 50 Hour Nutrition Certificate

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Nutrition Certificate Course Outline

50 Hour Nutrition Certificate

Module 1 – Nutrition Essentials(14 Hours)

      • Comprehensive Analysis of the Major Nutrients
      • Health Implications of Dietary Fat / Cholesterol and Vitamins
      • Overview of the Essential Vitamins
      • Disease Processes caused by Improper Nutrition
      • Body Morphology
      • Weight Loss Methodologies

Module 2 – Nutritional Diagnosis and Treatment (12 Hours)

      • Improper Nutrition and Disease
      • The Role of Antioxidants in the Promotion of Health
      • The Correlation Between an Improper Diet and Pain
      • The Importance of Good Nutrition
      • Proteins, Fat, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water
      • Micronutrient Deficiency Diseases
      • Food Groups
      • Nutritional Disorders From a Historical Perspective
      • Obesity
      • Food Supplies and Food Safety
      • Illnesses caused by improper nutrient consumption and nutrient deficiencies

Module 3 – Nutritional Supplementation (12 hours)

      • Recommended Dietary/ Daily Allowances (RDA) Overview
      • Cautionary Advice From the Doctor of Chiropractic to their Patients Using Dietary Supplements
      • FDA Regulation of Dietary Supplements
      • Required Information on a Dietary Supplement Label
      • Dietary Supplement Categories
      • Botanical Dietary Supplements
      • Amino Acid Supplements
      • Antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10
      • Review of various supplements, common uses, scientific observations, side effects and recommended daily allowances.
      • Keys to Prescribing Dietary Supplements

Module 4 – Weight Control Strategies (12 Hours)

    • Weight Loss Management Fundamentals
    • Overview and Comparison of Diet Regimens
    • Eating Behavior Modification Techniques
    • Exercise Strength and Conditioning Protocols