New Jersey Course Bundle #2 – 30 Credit Hours for $299.70- $9.99 per credit


New Jersey Package Deal Course Bundle

New Jersey Chiropractic Continuing Education

30 Credit Hours for $299.70- $9.99 per credit

This 30 hour online course bundle will be valid during NJ Governor Murphy’s Public Health Emergency.  See the Attorney General rule waiver which means that all hours completed during the Public Health Emergency will be counted as in person credits.  Click here for rule waiver

Bundle Includes:

  • 2 Hour Nutrition – Satisfies Mandatory Requirement for Nutrition Education
  • 2 Hour  Ethics – Satisfies the Mandatory Requirement for Chiropractic Professional Ethics
  • 6 Hour Guide to Communicable Disease
  • 10 Hour Trigger Point Therapy
  • 10 Hour The Emerging Use of CBD in the Treatment of Diseases

The New Jersey Chiropractic Board does not allow more than 10 hours of continuing education credit for any program or course that takes place during the course of one calendar day.  This bundle is made up of separate courses that can be taken per your own schedule.

Offer may not be combined with other offers, sale courses, or discounts and cannot be used for prior purchases. No rain checks. No price adjustments. No cash value. Not transferable.

2 Hour Nutritional Therapy

  • Recommended Dietary/ Daily Allowances (RDA) Overview
  • Cautionary Advice From the Doctor of Chiropractic to their Patients Using Dietary Supplements
  • FDA Regulation of Dietary Supplements
  • Required Information on a Dietary Supplement Label
  • Dietary Supplement Categories
  • Botanical Dietary Supplements
  • Amino Acid Supplements
  • Antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10
  • Review of various supplements’ common uses, scientific observations, side effects and recommended daily allowances.
  • Keys to Prescribing Dietary Supplements

2 Hour Ethics

Hour 1

  • Defining the elements of Professionalism in Chiropractic; Professional Responsibility; Professional Autonomy.
  • Examination of ethical principles and a comparative analysis of morals and ethics.

Hour 2

  • Ethical issues specific to chiropractic to include documentation, evidence-based practice, confidentiality with respect to patient information, informed consent, implied consent and Good Samaritan laws.
  • Professional boundary issues specific to chiropractic.
  • Methodologies to prevent ethical dilemmas during the practice of chiropractic

6 Hour Guide to Communicable Disease

  • History, Etiology, Transmission of Communicable Disease
  • Differential Diagnosis of Communicable Disease
  • Classification of Micro-organisms; Bacteria, Protozoa and Metazoa
  • Comparison of Bacteria and Viruses. Center for Disease Control
  • Infectious Diseases Statistics
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Prominent Communicable Diseases

10 Hour Trigger Point Therapy

  • Skeletal Muscle Histology
  • The Neuromuscular Junction, Motor Units
  • Types of Muscle Contraction, Types of Skeletal Muscle Fibers
  • Trigger Point Characteristics, Active and Latent Trigger Points
  • Treating Myofascial Pain with Trigger Point Therapy
  • Identification and Treatment of Trigger Points, Trigger Point Theory
  • Pathophysiology
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  • Physiological Effects of Trigger Point Therapy,Diagnose Fibromyalgia
  • Graston Technique (GT), Myofascial Release Exercises
  • Myofascial Release Technique, Active Release Techniques
  • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Massage Techniques

10 Hour The Emerging Use of CBD in the Treatment of Diseases

  • History of Cannabis
  • Chemical analysis of CBD Oil
  • CBD Oil Usage Risks
  • CBD Oil effects on chronic pain
  • CBD Use Statistics.
  • Statistics regarding the prevalence of chronic pain.
  • Cannabinoids as novel anti-inflammatory drugs
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