Hawaii Online Chiropractic Continuing Education

Hawaii accepts 20 hours of online continuing education credits.

The following 10 hour courses are approved through December 31, 2019:

Adjunctive Physiotherapy Procedures – HI-16-005 R18
Ancillary Diagnostic Testing Procedures – HI-16-006 R18
Chiropractic Guide to Symptoms and Disease – HI-16-007 R18
Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist- HI-16-008 R18
Chiropractic Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries – HI-16-009 R18
Chiropractic Treatment of Golf Injuries HI-16-010 R18
Current Trends in Chiropractic Practice and Treatment – HI 16-219 R18
Exercise Strength and Conditioning – HI-16-011 R18
Fundamentals of Clinical Nutrition HI-16-012 R18
Geriatric Health Care HI-16-013 R18
Guide to Acupuncture and Pain Management HI-18-237
Guide to Communicable Disease – HI-18-238
Guide to Contemporary Weight Loss and Fitness – HI-18-239
Opioid Drug Abuse Awareness – HI-18-240
Pain Management HI-16-015 R18
Pediatric Health Care HI-16-218 R18
Risk Management / Documentation Strategies HI-16-016 R18
Sports Injuries -HI-16-017 R18
X-ray Fundamentals HI-16-019 R18